Francisco Luis White has contributed to Boston Spirit Magazine and qnotes. He was an at-large Boston City Council candidate in the 2013 race, endorsed by the state Green Party and the party’s 2012 U.S. presidential candidate Jill Stein. White currently resides in Charlotte where he works with HIV positive youth.

“Francisco knows the daunting issues from the inside out. And he knows what it means to work hard and triumph in the face of adversity. He’s an eloquent, inspirational voice for good paying jobs, quality schools and public transportation, decent housing, environmental justice and fair treatment for all.”    –  Jill Stein

Francisco in the Media:

“Working with youth throughout [Boston], in communities of color, and engaging those communities to be involved in the process, I began to realize that people are living in very different Bostons. We speak of a unified city, and Boston Strong, but people are having very different experiences. And I think it’s because racism and classism are a big influence in our policies.”

-Candidate Chat with David Bernstein, Boston Magazine

On All About Boston with Seth McCoy


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